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Can your home or office make you sick? The answer is yes. There are many things that can affect the quality of the air you are breathing. We will investigate them all during our comprehensive audit and report back to you with solutions to issues that may be doing you and your family or co-workers harm. While energy conservation is the prime goal, we will always put your health and safety first.

Before we even begin our audit we will interview the occupants of your home or office to make sure that we address any/all concerns that they have relative to the comfort and quality of their environment. We repeatedly perform air quality tests to ensure that any efficiency improvements that we make do not affect the optimum conditions for your comfort and safety.

Your home or office is a system and modifying one aspect can negatively affect the performance of another. We will make sure that everything we do is in concert with the ultimate goal of improving the comfort and safety of your home or office while lowering your operating costs.