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Here are some organizations and web sites we recommend:

CalCerts to verify raters qualifications/certifications: WWW.CalCerts.com

Building Performance Institute (BPI) to verify Building Analysts: WWW.BPI.org

Custom Furniture and Cabinetry: WWW.CFDSacto.com, WWW.EliteWoodCA.com

Home Performance Contractors: WWW.EliteConstructionCA.com, WWW.Syntrol.net

Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange: WWW.sacregionbx.com/

Clean Energy Sacramento: WWW.Ygrene.us/ca/sacramento

Liddup Coolers: http://www.liddup.com/

Home Performance Financing Opportunities: http://www.chfloan.org/

Energy Upgrade California: https://www.energyupgradeca.org/en/

California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC): WWW.CABEC.org

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET): http://www.resnet.us/

Certified Green Building Professional: http://www.builditgreen.org/

New Solar Home Partnership Program Advisor: http://www.gosolarcalifornia.org/about/nshp.php

CaliforniaFIRST Energy Saving Financing: https://californiafirst.org/

Electric & Gas Industries Association: http://www.egia.org