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Buildings, residential and commercial consume a large portion of our natural resources. The United States is far and away the largest consumer of natural resources on the planet and it is our social responsibility to make every effort to being as efficient as possible. 

Our goal, in concert with the California Energy Commission is to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed by each building in the State of California. The economic advantages of reducing our consumption of resources is huge. If we continue down our current path of ever increasing consumption, we will be forced to take extraordinary and expensive steps to ensure that these increasing demands for electricity, gas, and water are met. This means new power plants, gas supplies, and water sources. If we all combine our efforts to reduce consumption, we can postpone or eliminate these costly steps.

The City of Sacramento has recently partnered with Ygrene to launch the Clean Energy Sacramento Program for its residential and commercial residents. This program offers low interest PACE financing that can be used for a wide range of building performance initiatives. Call us or email us to get specific details. If you are an investor this program can be a way to improve your bottom line by financing many of the initiatives you were already planning. Call us to find out how. More information can also be found on the Clean Energy Sacramento web site: https://ygrene.us/ca/sacramento